Our major specialty, the wheel nut cap.

A wheel nut cap (or cover) is used for preventing the nut and its thread from rusting, corrosion and dust. The wheel nut cap usually comes with fine finished surface, and therefore it is also seen as decoration for the wheel. The wheel nut cap is used almost in all sorts of cars from regular family car to heavy duty truck.

We, Sinda Precision, has been produced the wheel nut cap for over 10 years and it becomes one of our specialties. Our wheel nut cap products are actually supplied to major car makers in Europe and USA. And parts of our cap products are sold as aftermarket parts in the Europe region.

Our wheel nut cap is made of stainless steel SUS 304 which makes the cap durable and toughness. The polished surface provides a finished look of long-lasting shine. The spiked wheel nut cap can give your vehicle a whole new look, meanwhile, protect the wheel bolts or nut of your car.

We can make the wheel cap according to customer’s drawing. Please feel free to contact with us through email as following for any of quotation or inquiry. Thanks.

Email address: sales@hsuanyi.com.tw